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CT 186

CT 186 CT 186 III 87 b] the place of the adamite soul’s word., [by means of?] the áten light-wheel. the coverings to unite (make to reap,s-ma). below.; (note) [as] the place of the adamite soul’s word. [of] beauty (nefer). [by] place-T which is (nt-t). the foremost. [as] the one. neH-t sycamore tree [eden’s]. below [sic]. [for] existence (matrix). to feed-upon [=on the tree] (unem).; a] thou. existence. to elevate [upwards] (then). [in order for] thou. to feed-upon., [and so] […]

CT 577 VI 193

o] to make this [word/root] (spu,unusual). word to come. (u+walk).n] [as] the divine cord to unite and build (khnum+). [for] existence (matrix)., [by means of] the sky óver eden [rã watercourse] (*pic,tcherru). below (kher). [as] this. scroll (metchut).; to become (áu). m] he (scroll). withín., [for] my. sekhem-power.; l] [and via] the prisoner (su,cain). [to] me. the thing to bring (ánt).; k] [for] me. the enemies’. speech. [as] this (root). light (eden’s). [in order] of [=for]. me. most-b-soul-adam-like to manifest […]