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PT 370

646d] The peace (h'etep-saturn). [of] the Ka-spirit-double. [for] existence. [in] thou. name.of.:- Thou. peace.  – [for] thou. within. his. Ka-double. [!] [for] existence., Horus'. existence. makes.;  647c] [by] the word. connected to. their (ad.souls). existence. [in] the mer-lake. ; 647b] His (adam's) belly (khat). [of] the word. inside. [is] the inside (2x). [of] the willpower of Saturn. [for] thou. existence. united (sma). – [as] his (Horus). birth. [of] speech. [for] Horus., [by] the prisoner's. existence. [in] the Mer-lake.; (+vase)  647a] His. willpower. of [=by]. […]