vedic epos Ramayana Ch. 20: describing the start of invading Eden


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vedic epos Ramayana ch. 20: describing the start of invading Eden
same concept as opening of mouth –

part II

the Ramayana and Gita are so extensive, that we would need start a séparate site for these;
we do not deviate from the spells, but search confirmation about gaps in our understanding of them; and in next selected chapters of Ramayana aspects are being described which can be most helpful related to the spells.

textnote: we know little about the used language of these books; therefore we cannot (yet) see puns, nor connections to other words or terms; but we found the excellent site, and are grateful for the word-for-word translation into English – the same reason why wé translate it like that;
set up: first line shows the site’s rendering – from there onwards, for readability, we remain with the english only;

VI book of War chapter 20: preparing the invasion

1. tataH=thereafter; viiryavaan= an energic; raakshhasaH= demon; shaarduulo naama= named Shardula; abhyetya= came; dadarsha= and saw; dhvajiniim= army; abhipaalitam= ruled; sugriveNa= by Sugriva; nivishhTaam= which was drawn up in battle array.

  1. Shardula: a mythological tiger, similar to a leogryph, griffon?
    here likely representing an eden animal, as lion-cherub,
  2. Sugriva: commander of the solarplane-ape hordes (see upcoming)

2. that demon; a spy; of Ravana; the king of demons; the evil natured; coolly; seeing; that army; from all sides; returned; speedily; entered; Lanka; and spoke; these words; to the king.

  1. Ravana: in context as Eden-represent in general;
    and the lion hurries back to eden HQ (*pic, woman at eden time) to report,

3. boundless; and immeasurable; like a second ocean; this; multitude of monkeys and bears; is approaching; Lanka.
4, 5. these; brothers; Rama and Lakshmana; the sons; of Dasaratha; the excellent men; endowed with beauty; very much dignified men; have come; in the cause; of sita; and settled in camp; after reaching; the sea.

  1. Rama: as Saturn;
  2. Lakhsmana: since related to Saturn, we suggest related to the ‘moon’, per (glyph) ÁBT’; he is a 1/4th aspect, (glyph) T’ENÁ of the (ramayana) SESHA-serpent [!, Seshat?]; but this theme needs more study,
  3. Dasaratha: probably Orion, because he had ‘three wives’ [three belt-stars] and
    ‘a chariot which could go in all eight directions’, sounding like owning the main axis of
    both T-e and T-m (compare BD chapter ‘eight crocodiles’ MESH’U VIII; the boat’s eight pegs
    UGA, Ishtar’s 8-star, etc),
  4. Sita: the disputed land south (see part I),
  5. after ‘reaching the sea’, that is eden’s dimension of the cube-H; and their ‘camp’ is
    next to the middle Sba-stargate (keep in mind the Exodus story, their encampment
    next to the sea, and the road through the sea, throughout next chapters!),

6. O, monarch! the army; is employed around; a space; measuring; on all sides; ten yojanas(ten miles); you are fit; to ascertain; quickly; this truth.

  1. it seems now they encircle the place which is 10 x 10 miles;
    so the army of the M-realm descended to their tcherry-border-sky (*pic),
    and encirceled (glyph SHEN) the sheb-stargate of eden,
    the 10-miles number is perhaps symbolic: in amtuat VII, the region is described
    as ‘a pool of 144 x 144 cubits’, the base of Giza (see Ezekiel and op. mouth pages),

7. O, monarch! your; spies; are fit; to know; quickly; under such circumstances; either conciliation; or an act of giving away; or sowing dissention (in the enemy’s ranks); may be employed.

8. hearing; shardula’s; words; Ravana; the lord of demons; immediately; disturbed; determined; his; course of action; and then; spoke; words; to a demon; by name Suka; the foremost among; those who know their duty.

  1. the serpent Shuka: likely the area between the woman’s head and navel (*pic) as the region t they stole to create their inversed staff-TÁ from (*pic); since Shuka was ‘churned out of a stick of fire, having the power of ascension’ (read: to ascend, Inverse, as the staff-TÁ),

9. going; quickly; speak; fearlessly; to the king; Sugriva; as my; words; according to my command; in an excellent; and gentle; voice:

  1. so Ravana commands Shuka [as staff-TÁ] to go negociate with the apes-commander,

10. O, great king! you; are indeed born in a noble family; possessing great strength; are a son of Riksharaja; no; gain; whatsoever; nor any harm; to you (from this battle); O, lord of monkeys; nevertheless; you are like a brother; to me.

  1. Riksharaja: probably ‘the solarplane, itself’, since he was the father of monkeys and bears,
    and extended perhaps the bear-beast of book of Daniel;
    note how the staff-TÁ negociates with the solarplane, sic,

11. O, Sugriva; what (does it matter); to you; there; if I have embezzled; the wife; of prince Rama; the wise? return; to Kishkinda.

  1. Kishkinda: likely the core of the solarplane, depicted as a city being a cave,
    but also possible as the pantheon’s claim upon eden’s SHEB-gemstone, since the
    stargate (as hebrew-SHEB) are (the glyphs) SH-pool + B, solarplane,
    [compare glyph TEPH’ET, cave, as their claim upon the sheb-gate),

12. this Lanka; cannot indeed; be acquired; by monkeys; in any way. (It cannot be reached) even by celestials; together with Gandharvas; what to tell; of reaching by men and monkeys?

  1. Gandharvas: ‘celestial musicians’, likely ‘angels’; related to Bharata, ‘a place in the north’,
    so probably dark angels of the M-realm, if Bharata is -M,
    note how Lanka ‘cannot be reached’, read: invaded;

13. then; Shuka; that; demon; heralded; by Ravana; become; a bird; and flew; quickly; into the sky.

14. that Shuka; going; in the sky; for a distance; continuously over the ocean; and stationed; in the sky(itself); spoke; these; words; to Sugriva.,

15. As was; directed; by Ravana; the wicked; all that; was told; while receiving; those; words; the monkeys; jumped up; reached him; at that moment; quickly; and speedily; to tear off his wings; and to strike him; by their fists.

16. the attacked; demon; was forcibly; seized; by all; monkeys; and immediately; brought down; to the ground; from the sky.

  1. we suggest that, since Shuka is still the torso-region of the woman, now it becomes the staff-TÁ [now fróm T-m to T-e]; namely by flying upwards [‘became a bird and stationed itself in the sky’]; that its wings are torn-off may depict the stripping-down of Q-axis, since TÁ is now at the K-axis;

17. Shuka; being harassed; by monkeys; spoke; these words; O, Rama! messengers; are not killed; let the monkeys; be restrained; properly.

18. who; abandon; the intent; of his lord; will speak; about his own intent; through being a messenger; that messenger; who speaks which was not told; is fit; for killing.

  1. an interesting line – the entire goal of the Opening of the Mouth, is to let the eden-SHEB-stone to ‘speak théir words’, through staff-TÁ, and here the subordinate position which the staff is to become, is translated as ‘mere messenger, without own intent’,

19. hearing; Shuka’s; words; and his complaint; Rama; spoke; thus; to the foremost of monkeys; who were beating; “do not kill.”

20. perceiving; no fear; from the monkeys; he; became; light winged; virtually; standing; in the s sky; and spoke; these words; again:

  1. standing in the sky is a reference to ‘standing Upright’, (glyph) ÃHÃ,

21. O, Sugriva; rich in courage; possessing strength and great valor; what; Ravana; who causes the world to cry; is to be told; by me?

22. thus; being told; the mighty strong; Sugriva; the king of monkeys; and the foremost among the monkeys; then; with a merciless mind; spoke; these words; to the blame less Shuka; Ravana’s; spy:

  1. the monkey-chief mericelessly adresses the helpless eden-staff, to tell Ravana:

23. O, Ravana, worthy of killing! you are not; my; friend; and; you are not; worthy of sympathy; you are not; the person who helps; you are not; beloved; to me; (you are); Rama’s; enemy; therefore; you are; enemy to be killed; along with your associates; like Vali.

  1. eden-realm, represented in Ravana, will be subdued and that through the sheb-eden-dome named the serpent Vali (see part I, an extensive topic will be)

24. O, the king of demons! I; am killing; you; along with your sons; along with your relatives; along with your kinsfolk; together; with my great army; I will make; the entire; Lanka; along with all of you; to ashes.

  1. Bhasma as ‘ashes’, we suspect a link with the good king Bhisma, eden-related, who was shot by the arrows of Krishna [Thoth]; as well as the link with Vishnu (Anubis) smearing himself with ash, living on the graveyard – the ash may represent the same as ‘sand’, (glyph) SHÃ;

25, 26. O, Ravana, the stupid! you; will not be left; along with your younger brother; by Rama; even if protected; by all; including Indra; even if disappeared; or obtained; the solar path; and so also; if you entered; the nethermost subterranean region; or even if approached the lotus feet of Shiva (the lord of Kailasa mountain).

27. I do not see; any protector; to you; as such; in the three worlds; nor do I see; a devilish being; nor; a demon; nor; a Gandhrva (celestial musician); nor; an ogre.
28. you; killed; Jatayu; the king of vultures; and who was senior due to old age; why; the wide eyed; Sita; was not taken away; in the presence of Rama; and in the presence; of Lakshmana; you; having seized her; do not recognize her; what she is.

  1. Jatayu: probably a form of (glyph) NEKHBET,
  2. the ‘wide-eyed Sita’, compare how since eden’s fall, the ABT’U-cauldron (*pic) has incorporated this ‘wide’ (*pic of raised woman, and see Op.mouth pages),

29. you are unaware; how much strong; high soled; and irresistible; even to celestials; Raghu is this excellent man of Raghu dynasty; who; shall deprive; you; of your lives.

  1. Raghu: as ‘grandfather of Dasaratha (Orion)”, then contextually this may be a Thoth-type, since orion (glyph SÃH’) is but a ‘construct’; Thoth being the fallen archangel of writing in the book of Henoch;

30. thereafter; Angada; the son of Vali; and the foremost of the monkeys; spoke; (as follows) O, Sugriva the highly intelligent! He; is not; an ambassador; he appears; to me; as a spy.

  1. Angada: likely a form of Osiris, as torus-construct, representing the solarplane-ape; and as a son of Rama/saturn, he received the necklace from Rama (*pic); sidenote – one source notes he became the king of Karuptha or Karapatha, a plain near the Himalaya (origin of the name Carpathia?)

31. all; our army; indeed has been evaluated; by him; standing here; let him be made captive; let him not return; to Lanka; this indeed; finds favor; with me.

32. then; commanded; by the king Sugriva; the monkeys; jumped up; seized; and bound him; who without defence; wailed loudly.

33. harassed; by those monkeys; who were fierce; there; Shuka on his part; cried loudly; to Rama; the high soled; son of Dasaratha (as follows):

34,35. my; wings; are being pulled out; forcibly; and; my eyes; are being pierced; if I abandon; my life; which; sin; done; by me; between this period; I; was born; on which; night; and on which; night; I shall die; all that; would fall to your share.

  1. ‘if i die, all the sins incurred by me, between my birth and my death, would fall to your share’; first showing the timeframe of eden [here as mouth] was short, but more important, that all aspects will be transferred to thém,

36. then; hearing; that; lamentation; Rama; did not cause his killing; Rama; told; Vanaras; let him be forced; as he came; as an ambassador.

———————– end chapter 20

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