monstrous long

BD 64

LXIV [rubric:] sorcery (h’ekau). of [=by]. his, he (the). speech of anunna-face (vesica north). language. [is?] myrrh (ant’iu, head-related). of [=by]. to milk [the word from ad.soul] (mesu, strange glyph). the mouth. the thing to open (up). his. existence. to make. the adamite soul. existence. Torso (áb, Eye south). the innermost sacred place (khennu). of [=by]. willpower of speech. the gold (nub). of [=by]. to purify (uãb). the adamite soul. to make the blueprints [from Orion] (s-qet’nu). 7] speech. he. […]