Zechariah 14
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Zech 14: mount of olives
double-door to eden, double-door of the soulpool-SH
olive — used for illumination — two lampstands —
rent horizontally; so until now that river was blocked = mt. of olvises is SHEN?

[4] u·omdu and·they-stand רַ גְ לָ יו rgli·u feet-of·him בַּ יּ ם b·ium in·the·day ־ – הַ הוּא e·eua the·he עַ ל ol on ־ – הַ ר er mountain-of הַ זֵּתִ ים e·zthim the·olives אֲשֶׁ ר ashr which עַ ל ol on ־ פְּ נֵי phni faces-of יְ רוּשָׁ לַ ִם irushlm Jerusalem מִ קֶּ דֶ ם m·qdm from·east וְ נִ בְ קַ ע u·nbqo and·he-is-rent הַ ר er mountain-of הַ זֵּיתִ ים e·zithim the·olives מֵ חֶ צְ י m·chtzi·u from·half-of·him מִ זְ רָ חָ ה mzrch·e east·ward וָיָמָּ ה u·im·e and·sea·ward גֵּיא gia ravine-of גְּ ד לָ ה gdule great מְ אֹ ד mad very וּמָ שׁ u·msh and·he-removes חֲ צִ י chtzi half-of הָ הָ ר e·er the·mountain צָ פ נָה tzphun·e north·ward וְ חֶ צְ י u·chtzi·u and·half-of·him ־ – נֶגְ בָּ ה ngb·e south·ward
4) And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which [is] before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, [and there shall be] a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south;
……this hill, east of the mountain with the tree of life, will be rent horizontally;

5] u·nsthm and·you(p)-flee גֵּיא gia ravine-of ־ – הָ רַ י er·i mountains-of·me כִּ י ki that ־ – יַגִּ יעַ igio he-shall-ctouch גֵּי gi ravine-of ־ – הָ רִ ים erim mountains אֶ ל al to ־ אָ צַ ל atzl Azel וְ נַסְ תֶּ ם u·nsthm and·you(p)-flee כַּ אֲשֶׁ ר k·ashr as·which נַסְ תֶּ ם nsthm you(p)-fled מִ פְּ נֵי m·phni from·faces-of הָ רַ עַ שׁ e·rosh the·earthquake בִּ ימֵ י b·imi in·days-of עֻזִּ יָּה ozie Uzziah מֶ לֶ mlk king-of ־ – יְ הוּדָ ה ieude Judah וּבָ א u·ba and·he-comes יְ הוָה ieue Yahweh אֱ3הַ י ale·i Elohim-of·me כָּ ל kl all-of ־ – קְ דֹ שִׁ ים qdshim holy-ones עִ מָּ om·k with·you
5) And ye shall flee [to] the valley of the mountains; for the valley of the mountains shall reach unto Azal: yea, ye shall flee, like as ye fled from before the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah: and the LORD my God shall come, [and] all the saints with thee
…….” and you will flee [via] the ravine of the mountains-of-me so that it connects to the ravine unto Azel”,
the term Azel should be “ends of earth / joining / supports”, the context of “the connecting-point to Heaven”;
line ending “…….and the Lord comes [with] all of the holy ones with you”;

6] u·eie and·he-becomes בַּ יּ ם b·ium in·the·day הַ הוּא e·eua the·he ל ֹא la not ־ – יִ הְ יֶה ieie he-shall-become א ר aur light יְ קָ ר ת iqruth precious-ones K יִ קְ פְּ אוּן iqphau·n they-shall-be-congealed Q וְ קִ פָּ א ן u·qphaun and·curdle
6) And it shall come to pass in that day, [that] the light shall not be clear, [nor] dark:
….no…..” on that day, there will not be light, for the precious ones they will be solidified and form a unity “;
congeal: to change from a soft or fluid state to a solid state; curdle could be described as ‘to go stick together, form a unity”

7] u·eie and·he-becomes י ם ium day ־ – אֶ חָ ד achd one הוּא eua he יִ וָּדַ ע iudo he-shall-be-known לַ יהוָה l·ieue to·Yahweh ל ֹא la not ־ – י ם ium day וְ ל ֹא u·la and·not ־ – לָ יְ לָ ה lile night וְ הָ יָה u·eie and·he-becomes לְ עֵת l·oth to·time-of ־ – עֶרֶ ב orb evening יִ הְ יֶה ieie he-shall-become ־ – א ר aur light
7) But it shall be one day which shall be known to the LORD, not day, nor night: but it shall come to pass, [that] at evening time it shall be light.
…..well… more like, ” and on that day, only known to the Lord, there won’t be day nor night, because at eveningtime it shall be light”;
if we use the context that all the souls which fled Saturn’s flower-of-life dark dimension on earth, through the valley, now their light [belief] is congealed and unified – and thát causes the “no day and night anymore” — meaning ‘eden’s reality’;

8] u·eie and·he-becomes בַּ יּ ם b·ium in·the·day הַ הוּא e·eua the·he יֵצְ אוּ itzau they-shall-go-forth מַ יִ ם mim waters ־ – חַ יִּ ים chiim living-ones מִ ירוּשָׁ לַ ִם m·irushlm from·Jerusalem חֶ צְ יָם chtzi·m half-of·them אֶ ל al to ־ – הַ יָּם e·im the·sea הַ קַּ דְ מ נִ י e·qdmuni the·eastern וְ חֶ צְ יָם u·chtzi·m and·half-of·them אֶ ל al to ־ – הַ יָּם e·im the·sea הָ אַ חֲ ר ן e·achrun the·after בַּ קַּ יִ ץ b·qitz in·the·summer u·b·chrph and·in·the·winter יִ הְ יֶה ieie he-shall-become
9) And it shall be in that day, [that] living waters shall go out from Jerusalem; half of them toward the former sea, and half of them toward the hinder sea: in summer and in winter shall it be;
………this is a tricky one: Ezekiel describes a stream “going eastwards and getting deeper, filling the óther dimensions”, but he does nót describe “any stream going west”; and from the very positioning of the temple, it is almost like the west is “hostile to eden” —
the word used here is ‘hinder’, H314, ‘the west (when facing east), behind, following, last (of time)‘, but from H309, ‘to delay, tarry, remain behind’; the context is more like “the water flowing out of the temple, going east and getting deeper, filling the dimensions which remained-behind”!;
….. yes it was the olive mountain which split into east-west: but the mountain is éast of the olive mountain, already — it is almost as via a U-turn, the west is filled, as well; that in the spells ÁMENT, the West, is so important, raises the question from whát direction the ÕN universe comes;
10] isub he-shall-be-round-about כָּ ל kl all-of ־ – הָ אָ רֶ ץ e·artz the·land כָּ עֲרָ בָ ה k·orbe as·the·gorge מִ גֶּבַ ע m·gbo from·Geba לְ רִ מּ ן l·rmun to·Rimmon נֶגֶב ngb south-of יְ רוּשָׁ לָ ִם irushlm Jerusalem וְ רָ אֲמָ ה u·rame and·she-is-high וְ יָשְׁ בָ ה u·ishbe and·she-dwells תַ חְ תֶּ יהָ thchthi·e in-place-ofun·her לְ מִ שַּׁ עַ ר l·m·shor to·from·gate-of בִּ נְ יָמִ ן bnimn Benjamin עַ ד od unto ־ – מְ ק ם mqum placeri-of שַׁ עַ ר shor gate הָ רִ אשׁ ן e·rashun the·first עַ ד od unto ־ – שַׁ עַ ר shor gate-of הַ פִּ נִּ ים e·phnim the·corners וּמִ גְ דַּ ל u·mgdl and·tower-of חֲנַנְ אֵ ל chnnal Hananel עַ ד od unto יִ קְ בֵ י iqbi wine-vats-of הַ מֶּ לֶ e·mlk the·king:
510) All the land shall be turned as a plain from Geba to Rimmon south of Jerusalem: and it shall be lifted up, and inhabited in her place, from Benjamin’s gate unto the place of the first gate, unto the corner gate, and [from] the tower of Hananeel unto the king’s winepresses

Geba, ‘hill’, a city in Benjamin, 10 mls. n-east of jerusalem – the word is used for the cups of the lampstand in the tabernacle, and its form is the calyx of a flower / wine-glass;
then it tells “the gorge”, ‘ravine,throat’, though the hebrew word is usually translated ‘plain, desert, wilderness’- from H6150, context “the darkened plain” [the word arab, ‘covering with texture, darkened’, sic];
Rimmon, ‘pomegranate’ (tree); used in the robe of the highpriest in amethyst (blue), purple and crimson colours [tgether with gold bells]: that is an important clue that this is about the body, the body of the originals, that is — vineyard and ‘red’ is the TESHER glyph ‘red crown’, as the stolen aspects [see previous page about this theme],

… is not Nitpicking, to look for the context of the used names, they are there for a reason:
the mentioned area represents THE ENTIRE REGION OF THE ÃNKH TORUS!


migdl was an Egyptian garrison,
protecting the entrance to Egypt;
Micah tells “oh tower, the stronghold of
the daughter of Zion”;
…the relation to the Pillar is obvious:
and probably the glyph MÃKTAR


– the torus is constantly described in the spells as “having been stretched-out”, PETCH, the bow-glyph, or AU, ‘outstretched, totality’ — which’ latter glyph even has ‘aspects of totality’, that is all 144,000: see Revelation!
The torus is like an inflated balloon: as mixed realm, stealing from the south, growing Northwards and expanding –
a] the land is not ‘being turned around’ but “being encompassed”:
the used word can have both meanings, just like the SHEN glyph;
b] which area….? from the hill/cup, to the pomegranate: with the tree of life in the centre;
the Geba, ‘hill’, should be “the high place”, QA-glyph, of the anunna-face north; even the root-word ‘ the bowl for holding the oil of a lampstand’ refers to the anunna-face north;
c] and it is SHRUNKEN DOWN, to ‘fit within the city’, read: as fractal;
d] geba is north and rimmon south: the area is ‘lifted up’ and placed in the city — this city being “the original”, in the dimension — not this present jerusalem suddenly being upon some high mount;
and this lifted-up area is placed into ‘from the benjamin-gate to the east-gate to the corner-gate’ – the benjamin (or ephraim) gate was north, the corner-gate south;
e] a weird line: “from the tower until the winevats”, as if to repeat the geography — but tower is Pillar; the concept of tower is álways negative, the word used, mgdl, is exact like “that fortified tower in egypt”,
and winevats of the king, king is mlk, molech root, also negative, where the wine vats denote ”stolen products’ [as opposed to vineyard]; here is ofcourse referred to the old city of jerusalem;
……but now the entire area is de-flated and back in her original state: “she dwells/in place of her”;



…few things are less horrible as the constant fabricated Fuss about the “the place of the new temple within this present dirty town of jerusalem”; where a club of pharisees are so-called “preparing aspects for the new temple”, while the other club’s golden dome is supposedly still standing at that very spot, blocking that endeavour —
nothing could be further from any truth, and it is a concocted Dualistic non-topic, defeating millions of christians [which is exactly the goal], and not even from its ówn point of view it makes sense:

the entire context of the chapter is, after having the entire multitude saved [from the tribulation], the ãnkh torus is deflated and thereby annulled — which is per definition a concept of dimension: hence the “city of God upon the mountain” is a dimension, tóo;
just for ús it is very difficult to grasp those diménsional concepts – hence the abovementioned non-topic has that much success: yet both Ezekiel 40 and Isaiah 2 describe this same ‘high mountain’:

“It shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD’S house,”meaning the mountain that will have the Lord’s house, the temple, on it, “shall be established in the top of the mountain.”

…’mountain’ is not just a symbol of power [both in glyphs and scripture!], but persistantly denotes “another dimension”, of which the events or places upon this earth are but it’s Mirror;
but do note that here is not mentioned the temple still – only ‘jerusalem’, as concept of “city” – just like ÕN is a city;
that is, the blueprint of the entire realm, while the temple IN the city is the Core of the realm;
…..which makes total Sense, since it is the [ãnkh-] reálm which is drawn back into the city, in this chapter; by the “solified and then united light of every last soul He desired to get Out of the tribulation”;
[or, as Henoch describes this, “all the sheep in the midst of the House”],

so the dimensions of earth – around earth – will have changed,
and no longer the goddess NUT will be in charge, with her folded dimensions, this earth is within –
and the ‘second sky of this earth’, which the Spells dont stop mentioning;
but earth will be surrounded by Eden’s dimension:
curiously, the second part of this chapter 14 mentions “the people of earth, who will be required to go up to the city, whether from Egypt or from other places”, implying that this earth will still bring about souls who inhabit the same body as we have now — and, as we now, need to be purified of those;

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