4/5 dream – turning out to be sekhet-áaru and Jer.51

4/5 dream – turning out to be sekhet-áaru and Jer.51

dream – turning out to be sekhet-áaru and Jer.51
…it was chaotic and nasty, but one scene clear, and painful;
being back in younger age, but the people who anyway never liked me,
(as i never liked them) had ploughed the place up, and made a cemetary;
i saw the graves, in a straight line, crosses on top, i thought they was 14?
– woke angry and confused, strange feeling of Loss

….all the time it is about “the east, and elevators and attributes”,
a few weeks ago the Juda dream; the long row of males, dressed in black akin
to an isis group, being commanded by a guy; then they walked to ús and i saw
we had no chance against them, feeling that Juda sought to attack ús; and I
pointed to the right and said “zion is thát way”,
I then saw that the ‘leader’ was in fact twó males: a short,scrubby blackhaired,
a bit like those bandits in the good,bad and the ugly, who did the talking;
but the real leader was the tall blondish male with insane eyes, right behind him,
as a religious-deluded, one who can be dangerous, and one eye was yellowish

– this one from now left me confused and dirty, and i was about to get angry on Him;
yesterday that sickening spell and weird emotions from ‘outside’, and the idea of a
mountain inside: now the nasty dream – i remembered the mountain somewhere in
scripture and looked it up just now — the result is stunning

Jer.51 –
not all verses, but the gist,
and note just hów many aspects make Sense —-
the ‘translated’ text you can read for yourself, i just put here the original having removed
the hebrew from inbetween them, followed by short notes;

1]   thus he-says ieue behold·me! crousing Babylon and·to ones-dwelling-of Leb~Kamai ruch wind one-cruining
the addition LebKamai means He adresses the HQ of earthly Babylon: Sekhet Áaru,
‘inner man, heart,will’ is Leb; Qum = ‘to stand upright’ = the core to stand upright,
as the torso ÁB to stand upright ÃHÃ,
BABYLON = confusion, mixture of speech = KHER, ‘speech of KH-house’;
to destroy is H’ETEM or H’ÁSTEM, “destroying adamite throne”,
the wind = MEH’IT, “north-wind”, it should read “Leb Kemai óf the destroying wind”
that is, from their inversed Sba-centre-gate tó the core in in S-áaru!
2]  and·I-send to·Babylon alien-ones and·they winnow·her
tresh-floor, SEP,
3]  must-not-be he-shall-bend he-shall-bend the·one-bending bow-of·him
bow, PETCH, ‘stretch out’, read above: bend-báck that stretched out
6]  flee-you! from·midst-of Babylon and·escape-you! man soul-of·him must-not-be you-are-being-stilled in·depravity-of·her that era-of vengeance
this is about the adamite originals imprisoned in the SNB fortress: ‘escapes man’s soul’
7]  cup-of gold Babylon in·hand-of ieue one-making-drunk all-of the·earth
cup of gold = chalice aka master-holder, as gold NUB, hebrew Zeb,
note the ‘in hand of’, as mountain, saying whó has ultimate rule over Sekhet,
9]  forsake-you·her! and·we-shall-go man to·land-of·him that he-touches to the·heavens judgment-of·her and·he-is-lifted unto skies
the ‘land of him that touches the heavens’ – and ‘the judgment of he (that land) who is lifted-up into the skies’; it is a good expression for the stacked thes-domes and torus above it,
10]  righteousnesses-of·us come-you! and·we-shall-relate in·tziun in·Zion
the disputed mountain T’U,when eden’s
14]  he-swore ieue of hosts in·soul-of·him that if I-fill·you human as·the·grub-of-the-beetle on-you whooping
dark line but says ‘caterpillar’- that is SEPA, Osiris as chakra-construct,
official version: “as with caterpillers; and they shall lift up a shout against thee.”, but where is the ‘you’?
point is that next verses 15 and 16 appear to address thém making the torus, concluding with line 17,
15]  one-making-of earth in·vigor-of·him one-establishing-of habitance in·wisdom-of·him and·in·understanding-of·him he-stretched-out heavens::
17]  he-is-brutish every-of human from·knowledge he-is-put-to-shame every-of one-refining from·carving that falsehood molten-image-of·him and·not ruch spirit in·them
as “he is brutish, every human of knowledge”, REKH, and ‘each refined (image) by carving”,
is carving by rotation, PT’EH’ and S-PEKHAR, where ‘the mould of Osiris’ and ÁRU are the images,
so context is that He gave the ‘beetle/caterpillar’ a chance: they made their torus and their ‘stolen human form’, per line 17, but there is no spirit in them: exactly the same tells Henoch when entering the crystal castle of Õn;
18]  until line 24:
after previous segment, now is addressed what will all be destroyed IN Sekhet-áaru:
the chariots, the [stolen bodies] of youth, maidens, men, etc;
it does however not intend to say ‘israel and jacob’ as the two witnesses: it says that the general term for áll of His’ is “Jacob”, [Jacob that one-forming- of the-all] and “tribe-of allotment” is the 144,000: thóse are His ‘implement of war’;
25]  behold·me! to·you mountain-of the·one-cruining averment-of ieue the·one-cruining all-of the·earth and·I- stretch-out hand-of·me on·you and·I-roll·you from the·crags and·I-give·you to·mountain-of burnt-waste
the KHEMENU mountain, as the thes-domes with S-Áaru on top; but either way as MENU/Ámen,
26]  and·not they-shall-take from·you stone for·corner and·stone for·foundations that desolations-of eon you-shall- become averment-of ieue
the verse belongs to previous – see the corner-gates in BookOfGates, as the Sbekht-gates forming a coil
touching each corner of the ziggurat-type mountain; with on top their mimicked-eden as Sekht-field,
containing the 14 áats (crosses of the dream!),
27]  lift-up-you! banner in·the·earth blow-you! trumpet in·the·nations hallow-you(p)! on·her nations summon-you on·her kingdoms-of arrt Ararat mni Minni וu·ashknz and·Ashkenaz give-supervision-you! on·her marshall cbring-up-you! horse as·grub-of-the-beetle
said tó the mountain, which tactics he all may use upon earth, as concepts: Ararat = ‘the curse inversed’, which sounds as SA, ‘backwards’,
Minni = ‘division’, read: divisiveness,
Askhenaz, ‘scattered fire’,
29]  and·she-shall-quake the·earth and·she-shall-travail that she-arises on Babylon designs-of ieue to·to-place-of land-of Babylon to·desolation from·there-is-no one-dwelling
as “saturn’s crystalline dimension will come”, the rising on Babylon/Sekhet, which is why “the earth will quake”, in órder for Sekhet to become empty – remember that the 200,000,000 were fórced to relocate to earth; that is “according to the design”,
30]  they-forbear masterful-men-of Babylon to·to-fight-of they-sit in·the·fastnesses she-is-being-benumbed mastery-of·them they-became to·women they-ravaged tabernacles-of·her they-are-broken bars-of·her
masterful is “cunning”, read: sorcery, H’EKAU; yet they are avóiding to fight [Him], hiding in their solarplane fortress, being benumbed by their ówn sorcery; but most important: the bars óf their fortress are BROKEN: which is the fullfillment of the Damascus prophecy of Amos 1 – which is not this literal Damascus [that is all but a heavy occult Ritual], but is Sekhet-áaru: the plain of Aven, ’emptyness’, refers to their torus-matrix, etc;
31]  one-being-runner·to-meet-of one-being-runner he-is-running and·one-telling to-meet-of one-telling to·to-tell-of to·king-of Babylon that she-is-seized city-of·him from·outmost-parts and·the·passages they-are-grasped and· and·marsh-reeds they-burned in·the·fire and·mortals-of the·war they-are-flustered
the “marsh reeds” is ofcourse a major one, as the literal meaning of SEKHET ÁARU;
the seized city is “the place of Õn”, the “passages” may be the UÃRT, “canal” as split-off Watercourse;
interesting is ‘seized the outer side of S-áaru’; it describes total Panic;
32]  that thus he-says ieue-of hosts Elohim-of Israel daughter-of Babylon as·threshing-site time-of he-ctreads·her yet מְ soon and·she-comes time-of the·harvest to·her
treshingfloor SEP; for harvest-goddess RENNUTT stealing names of revelation-goddess see BD168,
34]  he-devoured·us he-devoured·me he-discomfited·us he-discomfited·me Nebuchadrezzar king-of Babylon he-put·us he-put·me vessel-of emptiness he-swallowed-down·us he-swallowed-down·me as·the·monster he-filled paunch-of·him from·luxuries-of·me
Nebuchadnezzar: Nebu protect the crown; Nebu is THOTH; the crown very likely being the 12 qerrt-caves,
see BD 168 for the positioning of the Revelation-woman and the crown;
read His complaint – the swallowing, ÃM, by the great pillar, filling it’s belly, KHAT;
the word ‘monster’, thnin, is exact the same as in Job [see Behemoth pages],
40]  I-shall-bring-down·them as·butting-lambs·to-slaughter-of as·rams with he-goats how! she-is-seized Sheshach and·she-is-being-grasped praise-of all-of the·earth how! she-becomes to·desolation Babylon in·the·nations
Seshach, either “fine linen”, SESH-garment-body,
but also possible ‘house of the prince’, the it is H’ET SER, house of saturn and prince,
or also “gate,covered with iron”, the plating with iron is literally in a CT, referring to the chalice,
44]  and·I-visit on Bel in·Babylon and·I-bring-forth thing-swallowed-up-of·him from·mouth-of·him and·not they-shall- stream to·him further nations even wall-of Babylon she-falls
it can only be the White-hole, his “mouth”: note how accurately it tells “the mouth swallowed-up”;
the term Bel as ‘lord’ is hard to place in glyphs
45]  come-forth-you! from·midst-of·her people-of·me and·escape-you! man soul-of·him from·heat-of anger-of ieue
the line adresses again “adamite originals IN the fortress of S-Áaru”, as the essence of man;
because that is required in order for the chapter’s sequence to begin;
46]  and·lest he-is-being-tender heart-of·you and·you-are-fearing in·the·report the·one-being-heard in·the·land and·he-comes in·the·year the·report and·after·him in·the·year the·report and·violence in·the·land and·one-ruling on one-ruling
should not read “and lest your heart faint, and you fear for the rumour…(etc)”, but more “if your heart will not be tender-attentive [to Him], you will get deluded by the wars and rumours of war (the bible-verse), read: Canaan’s occult Rituals – and therefore be unawáre of next verse 47 —
48]  and·they-mare-jubilant over Babylon heavens and·earth and·all which in·them that from·north he-shall-come to·her the·ones-devastating averment-of ieue
line 47 was the judgement on the “engraving by rotation” PTEH'(not ‘on the images’),
this line shows how the aspects of the cube, which were brought to the north, as Torus, now come back,
49]  moreover Babylon·to-fall-of ones-wounded-of Israel even for·Babylon they-fell As Babylon ones-wounded-of all-of the·earth
the line “As Babylon [hath caused] the slain of Israel to fall, so at Babylon shall fall the slain of all the earth.”,
would rather read: “Babylon to fall by the ones of Israel which she wounded [ad.originals], but they [originals] fell for all of the earth (to release de facto)”,
53]  that she-is-ascending Babylon the·heavens and·that she-is-fortressing height-of strength-of·her from·with·me they-shall-come ones-devastating to·her averment-of ieue
as “though she ascended, ÃR, to the heavens [torus] yet at the height of her strength shall come the spoilers”,
55]  [part]Babylon and·he-destroys from·her voice loud
as the continuous “true voice [from below]”, MAÃ KHERU,
57]  [part]and·masterful-men-of·her and·they-sleep sleep-of eon and·not they-shall-awake
masterful, SESHAT, ‘cunningness’, and instead of “the dome [top of cube] to sleep to death”,
SETCHER, it will be their turn now,
58]  [part] walls-of Babylon the·broad to-be-denuded she-shall-be-denuded and·gates-of·her the·lofty-ones in·the·fire they-shall-be-ravaged
broad as in “the broad hall”, USEKH, as the Hall of Maãt;
denuded as in KEFA, “to strip-down”, and the lofty gates = the 21 SEBKHT-gates,
59]  [part] Seraiah son-of Neriah son-of Maaseiah […] to-reign-of·him and·Seraiah chief-of resting-place
was made into “And this Seriah was a quiet prince.”
…but looking at the names –
Seriah, from sarah, “to let loose, to release”, also used in Jer.15, or Shor, “umbilical cord”, also “to rise,noble”,
Neriah, a combination of “river,stream,light,God”, suggesting the watercourse [eden’s];
Maaseiah, “place of refuge”;
and what does the text say? “Seriah was the chief of the resting-place”:
that is Shiloh, “place of rest”, Genesis 49, said about Judah’s staff [birthsceptre glyph AMES];

…nothing happens by coincidence in Scripture – not the names, not the timing, nothing:
“to rise, to release” was “the chief of the place of rest”, that is, when Eden starts again;
when they will have stopped siphoning upon the Watercourse:
because thát is what this entire chapter is about.

…we feel very strongly that “understánding [this] chapter, is “activating” the truth in it”;
‘activating’ as in “set in motion, starting”;
this is why we hurry to post it, because we wait for YOU to understand, as well;
because the understanding generates Legal Rights –


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