the Rg-Veda volumes

…it is a widespread Mistake to think that the heir of the three
original Veda’s – Rg-Veda as main, then Ramayana and Mahabharata –
is the heritage of what we today call ‘India’ or even ‘China’: it is not.

The reason why Hindu’s are not the gatekeepers of the (original) Veda’s,
is exact the same difference as why muslims are “only sideways”
related to Scripture — the Islam religion is Feeding-off Scripture,
just as the Hindu ideas are feeding off the original Vedas.
The entire context of the Vedas show that its writers were
Ba-spirit-souls, shown as the Rephaim and Anakim type,
before our so-called “modern type human” appeared.

The real heritage of the Rg-Veda is therefore not at the side
of the Hindus, who have no Clue about its context;
and are but used, by their large numbers, to empower its intention;
but the heritage is at the other end — we —
who understand which messages the Rg-Veda books convey:
because it was the Fatal mistake of Thoth ‘to cause to be remembered’..

# disclaimer –
we just started, having no affinity with Sanskrit, whatsoever
(well, we neither had with hieroglyphs nor hebrew, at first),
and we realize very well that the colours of the lines [not the themes !] are approximate, and could be chiseled better.
Because in the few weeks we really started this, we did see that Sanskrit
is a very ingenious language spectrum; all the declensions and prefixes
are used to can describe concepts and themes as perfectly as possible —
something which sadly the hieroglyphs completely Lack,
and factually the latter problem made us turn to Rg Veda, right now;