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    we at realpyramidtexts know the material presented can be difficult to understand; the language of the hieroglyphs is not what we are used to and, also, quite intentionally, the sorcery of the spells tries to stop souls from learning the truth. Everything we are continuously finding, we post here for you, because you are the only reason for the site, so that you may ponder topics and together we can remove the doorbolts of Saturn’s prison.

    We want very much to help you with the material of the site, and to answer your questions on any topic, for that reason, we created this part of the site, where you can post your questions and discoveries, and allow for us to communicate and discuss important topics.


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    Thank you very much for this incredible website and a place to post a response.

    I want to tell a dream from yesterday; and it seems right on the topic of the website, because, so much of what we experience is an attempt by the pantheon to direct our consciousness the way they want, in the completely wrong direction…and that is how the dream was…there were souls in the dream who were signing a dotted line and had no idea what they were signing away. They didn’t realize how very real the war is and how the “sales people” in the dream were directing them to be on the side of the pantheon, by acting as if it was all a ‘game’, and leading souls to make a very huge mistake! So often downhere, souls think that they are ‘just playing a game’ or some other nonsense when in reality the stakes are much higher and what they are doing when they think it is just a game is aligning their consciousness with the pantheon, the way that the pantheon wants.   :(

    Thank you again for such incredible translations that show us for the first time in thousands of years the truth. Here is the dream.

    Was a repeated dream of years ago – when I was in art school but this time I broke the dream sequence…and rejected the dream…started at an art show and the show was inside a pyramid. The art work on display was huge…was by some man there. The man was very strange looking…his eyes were as broken stars…he was pathetic and dead looking, some terrible superhero character that is drawn these days for a video game….

    As the dream progressed remembered I dreamt this dream in the past and in that past dream I had tried to do a painting to compete with his? I was too tired and was too unimpressed with his huge painting that reached the top of the pyramid. I told him in the past I’d done one, so what. I could remember from the past dream the painting I had done and that it was ruined but now I didn’t care anymore it was ruined. I was happy it was ruined…and didn’t compete with him anymore.

    I was sitting to his right and facing away from his painting… (the painting reached for the sky and kept on going and going was the feeling of it…. tall like the tower of babel); he wanted me specifically to look at it. I glanced quickly but the painting made me dizzy so I stopped looking at it…from only the glance I saw his painting was of a man but the man was deformed and the cloth it was painting on was curling badly at the edges, also deformed…everything was in the wrong place and it was hard to tell whatever that thing he painted could be a man…the colors in the gallery area and the painting were grey and monotone and everything industrial feeling and lifeless.

    Then some sort of sales person named Kim appeared to shuttle me and the artist and some others (I didn’t notice they were even others there until then) to a big office in a different part of the pyramid, at a lower level from the gallery. In the lower level they began trying to sell the artist and a few others and me some sort of ‘game’ for us to play but it was also a ‘health plan.’ It seemed logical in the dream, at the time, but when I woke, made no sense to me. There was a nature area there next to the office, low watery area, and marshy. The nature area was to the right, which was outside the pyramid and we could all see out there since there were windows in the sales office….so to see the watery area outside. In the past version of the dream, in 1998, I’d signed up for it and signed their stack of inches deep ‘contracts’ and paid them hundreds for to play their video game/health program. The contract had many lines, within the stacks of papers, that had to be signed. The stacks were more than a foot high…. The saleslady Kim began to tell us what the game involved, showed us pictures of the game…which was of a monster trapped in the pyramid who was missing eyes and very angry. The sales office was right below him per their diagrams and what she was saying or else very close by… (at the end of the dream when I was waking up I saw for myself the sales office was above him or directly right of him and slightly above and that he was at the end of a chamber very close to the office – so her instructions then seemed ‘backwards’ to me). The one trying to get us to enter the ‘game’, Kim, had the same name as the landlord of the house I live now. There were not many down there, a couple dozen at most, but those who were there were signing up for the game.

    At that moment when Kim showed us screenshots and diagrams of the game to sell us on playing it, more of the dream in 1998 came back to me. I remembered from that first dream that I had tried to play their game. I didn’t remember lots of details except that he, the prisoner, had been in some sort of geometric cage. Everything of the pyramid (the game part where they said the monster was) was golden colors or sand colors, yellowish. I remembered also that apparently they needed to move him? (Or ‘said’ that they needed to move him. And that was the game…to move him.) And they wanted us, the ones they were recruiting in the sales room, to move him. Maybe the word is transfer not move? When I dreamt it in 98 the ‘monster’ as they called him was a golden bull, a wild animal, not a man, how they presented him…and had eyes but of the type on statues that have no pupil only a globe carved of that golden material and completely blind. Not real eyes. In the dream (in their game) they wanted the players on their ‘health plan’ to move him to a different part of the pyramid. So far they had not been able to move him from where he was. I remembered, also from the first time I dreamt it, that the prisoner in their ‘game’ was defending his own area of the cage and that they said he was very dangerous. It was very hazardous to move him since he had to be outside of the geometric cage to move him but if he was out of that cage he would be beyond their power….so for some reason we had to move him? The game was to climb to that outdoor ledge by the stairs, right outside the chamber leading to the prisoner, enter the heavily defended area where was the prisoner and then move him. So far no one had been able to do it because he fought very hard not to allow anyone to get to him or to do so. No one, apparently, had ever been able to move him one inch; and he fought very hard although blindly. I don’t know why they wanted to move him or to where. Or if they wanted to bring him to a lower or higher level…. but…to move him (remembering from the dream in 1998) required get him out of that chamber and on the landing so to move him to a different section. No one could do it. When I dreamed it then…in 98…I was taken in there to the chamber where was the geometric cage by some guards…the prisoner was very angry and roared. Some others tried approach him and failed…was a fatal thing to try.

    When Kim showed the diagrams of the ‘game’, (just at the moment when all those papers were being placed before me so I’d sign them), I remembered all this of the previous dream I just typed, and suddenly saw it all very quickly, that he was Adam and that the game was evil! I began to shout and to disrupt the sales routine. When I realized they were talking about Adam, not a monster at all, I stopped looking at the stacks of paperwork and stopped looking at the diagrams they were showing us in order to convince us to buy the game, and I began shouting loudly that it was insane, that their plan was awful, terrible and that they were lying to us. Then I began sabotaging their sales pitch to the artist by mixing up all the papers (that were in front of him to sign) and interrupted them during their presentation…and wandered away when they tried to sell me the ‘story’. I think I was dizzy and confused, like a patient in a drug stupor trying to escape from the hospital…I was not walking normally when was knocking the papers down. I shouted very angry and loud, so all could hear me, that every ‘health treatment’ had to go through them here in this pyramid, which upset Kim, and, I asked, why was that? She wouldn’t answer me but then I understood it was because they had Adam and that everything they were doing had to do with getting us all to play the game against him and that their game was evil since their monster is not the monster. They are the monster. Only one other girl there believed me and also refused to sign the stacks of papers after she saw I was telling the truth and that they were lying to us. The rest were continuing to sign and ignored me, and didn’t seem to hear me. The artist heard and understood but he was very deadpan about it… he felt he was to sign anyway because his career depended on his being displayed in the museum, so he could not ‘afford’ to hear me and he ignored me.

    I didn’t go back into the sales room and wouldn’t do their contract for the ‘healthcare’ once I saw what liars they were and that Adam was their prisoner. He was not a monster at all…what he needed was to get out of there, to be freed of Egypt (those monsters holding him), and all the originals, also prisoners, also need to be freed. I understood that they (the pantheon) are evil and that their game to ‘move’ Adam – ‘transfer’ his attributes – is evil, and that this was a fake pyramid, a substitute version all designed for me to consent to something awful and designed so to those other souls also to consent to something awful.

    I was outside the pyramid then, standing at the base of the stairs looking up, as in the diagram I had seen on the table just ago. I saw there was nowhere to go up there, just dead end stairs. There was no way for me to escape. When was first in the sales room, was told that the chamber with Adam was above where I was. Now I could see that the chamber leading to Adam was below and that I was standing in the spot Kim showed in the diagram (which was of a cross section of the pyramid and showed my location at the base of some stairs going straight up). The chamber was to the left of me, and below, leading to the geometric cage holding Adam. The ‘sales office’ where Kim had the others signing papers was before getting to the prisoner, slightly above me, on a different track or chamber, and also to the left of me. I felt me now ‘in’ the diagram, live, and looking at a real layout, and understood he was below. I felt me very trapped and saw I could only go anywhere; there was only that dead-end stair and sky. And then woke with my head hurting and very much heartache.

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    i really appreciate all that is being done here. We need to escape this pantheon prison. The waiting has been a long time. Many are sick and very weak and need to get out soon. Full truth is spoken here. i have been following Lone for a long time. i have had to come out of many Lies. Please help us remove the doorbolts of Saturn. Hopefully more will discover how imprisoned we are. Only solution is to get out. Their is no future here in this sorcerous world matrix. Love to all.

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    Great discovery for us all to see and come out of all the matrix Lies. So that with the rest of who He has promised to get out of this sorcerous prison will together remove the doorbolts of Saturn. Love to all.

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    The Bible Knowledge Commentary by Walvoord and Zuck. Page 509. 1 Corinthians 1:19. As he often did, Paul illustrated his point by an example of Israel who, following humanly wise counsel, formed a alliance with Egypt as a defense against Assyria, when in fact only the miraculous intervention of God was able to save them. (cf. Isa. 29:14; 2 Kings 18:17-19:37)

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    Not sure you got my last post. Thanks for all you do. Love to all. This site is His will! Let’s all do this together. i want Him and His will! Hope more come to this site soon. In His name. Let’s undo the pantheon!

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