the Core of the ãnkh-torus construct: stolen from Eve

the SOLAR PLEXUS ---- the feminine Attribute ---


Soma is a Vedic Sanskrit word that literally means "distill, extract, sprinkle" ;
In the Vedas, the same word (Soma) is used for the drink, the plant, and its deity. Drinking Soma produces immortality (Amrita, Rigveda 8.48.3). Indra and Agni are portrayed as consuming Soma in copious quantities.

"In the Homeric hymn to Aphrodite, the goddess uses "ambrosian oil" as perfume, "divinely sweet, and made fragrant for her sake. In in Homer's poems nectar is usually the drink and ambrosia the food of the gods; it was with ambrosia Hera "cleansed all defilement from her lovely flesh""
(both quotes from

...all the above deities, and the attributes, are of Egyptian root, representing them in other cultures ;
and whether the plexus is described as "honey" or as "plant" or "oil" ,
it appears that either of those descriptions may hint at just another aspect of the same thing ---

A]  the third layer :  honey / for the solarplane

...our problem is, that the concept is "multi-layered" ,
but we need to start sómewhere, and work our way through -
so here is the first one, "honey" :

lit.:  [the honey] , the thing / for the beautified-soul / of the solarplane ; BÁT ,
that tells immediately the context of ambrosia and soma, above ;
showing in last line : [the honey] / for the many / [wasps] / for his / willpower / alike-adam" [miá] , well "a pláce in the Tuat" (not exactly 'town') ,
- alltogether showing that it is a place where the honey is collected fróm ;
and that this substance is very much desired by them :

Clusters work like this; in their next words they show more of their context,
then they go connect with óther syllables, and transfer their content ;
and their *inversion*  is equally important -
ÁB, "Torso", here exoterically translated with 'heart,will,etc",


into ÁB and ÁBT, "to thirst" ,
lit.:  the diménsion/the thing/to thirst/by the beautified-soul,
...into its completion, ÁBAIT , which is apollyon/abaddon ;
note, how the "to marvel" returns here as the inversion of "to marvel BÁA" [above] ,


- we said that this honey is now "the possession of the solarplane" ,
meaning it is already "mixed" , into théir usage [read perhaps 'transformed'] ,  
therefore it is now connected to ÁBBAIT, abaddon, and also to "iron" :

...the term "copper" is very interesting - since that is a metallurgical *mixture* ;
copper is typically used for Horus [ 'upon his copper throne, North'] ,
because also Horus himself is an illegal product;
"copper" is an expression for crystalline energies from saturn [we could say 'chakra energy'] ,
in Scripture always used for "stubbornness" (your chains of iron; foreheads as copper) ,
as well for the type power of the fallen ones ["the bars of Damascus"] ;
in their next step, they "make the second sky of earth", of our earth, from iron,
as we will see in BD 26, below ;

lit.: the sky of earth / the Torso / for speech of an-face [north] / [of] Iron ;
and the "capital of a pillar" is revealing -
because they néed that "place in the centre of their Torus", to "complete their pillar to the North" ;

B]  the second layer : from the south tó the Core, and to the North fróm there - making the Vertex

..BD 26 tells about the "two legs, in the south" , then the core,
and how the core is used "to create two Thighs in the North" ,
making a kind of construct akin to an X , where the core is the centre of the X ,




- as in a method, to create the double Vortex within the ãnkh-torus [as Pillar] ,
and to create the solar plane around it's centre [the ÁB]

peace. of [=by]. manifestation (pert). [is] the peace (h’etep, saturn). of [=by]. invading hebrew-H (North). of [=by]. the Western (ámentt). [word] inside. the SBA-stargates [of the Cube]., [as?] the dead body (khat). [by?] the Ba-soul (solarplanetype spirit). the one (tu). to catch and imprison (khenrá, foremost-adam+harem). existence. nót.;
9] the Ka-spirit double. the beloved [eden’s] speech] (meRRt). [to become] a thing made (ári,’from m-b-soul’). of [=for?by]. sekhem-power., [as?] the two legs [KH and SH lake,south] (ret’). [by] sekhem-power’s. word.\\ of willpower. [for?] sekhem-power., [BY] the Torso. \\ [of?for?] the Forepart (h’at). of [=for?] sekhem-power. [stop?]

8] the Torso. of [=for]. to know (rekh). [is] the place of the Ka-double by saturns hidden root (pteh’) of saturn’s house (comp.glyph). of [=for]. existence (matrix)., decreed by law.,
to make. the sky of earth. of [=for]. existence (matrix). to become new (un)., [FROM] the goddess (netert). [BY] Sekhmet [the lion] (sekhmet+deity)., 7] [by] the word. to stretch out, to extend (t’un)., [for] speech. to tie together. to come the double Thigh \\ to? Ursa Major (mast\\d.thigh+walk)., [so that] Anubis. existence (matrix). to make to grow (s-rut’: srtu here). [from?] the wrapped-up, swathed (qerfiu). legs [kh+sh]. [by] he. [the word] to extend (t’unu). [as?] the female thing bound-up, tied up (shet’entt). [for] the two Eyes. he. to open [and become new] (un).; [stop?]

speech. \\ he,his. jawbone (ãert\\d.bone). the gods. [at?] the heredety goddess [the root of willpower for the Mouth] (r-pãt+egg). [for,as?] Geb’s [earthgod,south]. existence.,
[by] the word to open [of eden] (seshu). [for] the sky of earth.; 5] [of] existence (matrix)., [by] the double door. [of] existence. to open (un).;
[and] the enemy (kheft). to make to fall down (s-kher). [by] speech. [of] the word of willpower. [by] the femále (thing) to wander-astray (shemmt, adam-related). [for] the speech. [of] the two legs. he. within (ad.soul, or ‘word’). to command (met’u).;

[by] the Mouth [north]. [of] existence (eden’s!). to give. speech., to become (áu). thou. \\ adam-within’s. boat of riches (khut’). [of] speech. to invade hebrew-H. [for] (eden’s) existence. [to be] nót.;
Thou. to sail south (khent). [and] thou. to sail North (khent’). [as] the boat of leveling (ukhkht). the throat [pillar] (khkh)., 3] [BY] the land-pool of flowers [GAI]. [for] existence (matrix). \\ [to, by] the east. side. [of] the anunna-face (vesica north) [=hebrew-H].;
[for?, as?] Osiris., who is. the sand [crystal matter] (shãt). [of] adam-within. [for] existence (eden’s). [to be] nót.;
within. his. peace (h’etep,saturn). [by] the Torso. existence. to become (áu). the torso’s [multiple]. body-forepart (h’at+flesh)., [by?] the house [of speech]., of [=by]. existence (eden’s). [IN] the Torso [south]. [of] the forepart (h’at).,
[as] the Torso’s [south]. house [of speech]. [for] existence (matrix)., [by] existence (eden’s). [IN] the Torso [south]. [in] the cemetary below [south]. of [=for]. his (Áni’s). existence. [of] this Áni – osiris.;
[by] existence (eden’s). [IN] the Torso [south]. [as] the Tool (speech/willpower). [for] existence (matrix). [by] the Mouth [North] (speaking creation into being).;

A] notes :
....alright ;
parts of the text are still Dark ; but obviously he is presenting a causal reasoning :
the line under 3] is clear :
"fróm the place of flowers... he travels up and down in the Throat [the pillar] " ,
and apparently, the cóntent of that place, is needed "to make the sky of earth", north ; 
...he starts with "the two thighs,below"[represented by KH and SH lake, south]
and then continues with "two thighs, going to mast - Ursa Major" ,
it is,
like he is describing a giant X , with two "legs" as below half of the X,
and as the centrepoint that Torso -- the land-pool of flowers , GAI
and he extensively connects that place to "torso" and "torso's of the bódy"  ;
the difference is clearly specified -- so those "torso's in the body" must derive fróm that Torso ;
or, rephrased,
since the Vortex is depicted as blueprint, as being -- the deity Shu, 
whose "spine" is the vortex, and his "head" is the anunna-face, North,
it is a blueprint for ALL beings, which are reproduced according to that model :
hence all have a "solar plexus point, halfway their body" , 
2]  the context of H'AT ÁB
we saw ÁB before,
...but need to establish whát is meant by "forepart", HÁT , 
it is used in the physical way of "the frontside of the body" , which was their góal to Steal ;
- but the concept must be related to H'A, "the hidden background of Saturn" , and H'AT this lion-paws glyph, "forepart,front" etc , but the context should be foreGROUND here ; 
remembering that the Torus illegally "overlaps" the Cube, see the lion-sphinx-paws, followed by the "torso-glyph", ÁB , here combined ;
and while exoterically [óutwardly] it may mean 'heart,will,disposition' etc ; 
the very use of the double-slash , 'magically-dangerous', tells it is a composite glyph, containing a Stolen aspect :
in two cases even has the 'most-b-soul-adam' glyph ;
....everything indicates that this Torso was an EDEN concept or cóntent ,
which was overlayed by théir realm, in order to Usurp it - 
- the concept H'A and H'AT, forepart, are often used in the spells,
at the top you see "canal" , but literally reads "the dimension / the cord / tó the foreGROUND [of Saturn} , 
.....where the second one is "finest oil, scented oil fór the foreGROUND [of Saturn", 
scented oil and honey are in this case the same thing ;  
2] the context of GAI , "pool of scented flowers"  ---- the core
remembering the "iron of the sky made bý the torso", in A] ,
in BD 26 is similar line :
" make. the sky of earth. of [=for]. existence (matrix). to become new (un). , [FROM]  the goddess (netert). [BY] Sekhmet [the lion]..." ,
where the goddess is nót the same as Sekhmet ; but is
"...he,his. jawbone (ãertd.bone). the gods. [at?] the heredety goddess [the root of willpower for the Mouth] (r-pãt+egg). [for,as?] Geb's [earthgod,south]. existence." ,
the root for the Mouth - north ; 
and this goddess is, per context, "the land-pool of scented flowers GAI


BD 26 tells "the heritary goddess" -
- the same phrase is behind Geb !  
the gods'/ heredety goddess / for the solarplane's / son [jackal,SAB],
....implying, that "our earth was ON THAT PLACE , during Eden -- before she got off-centered ;
since it is Geb who is "south", and "copies the sky of earth for THIS earth" ,

then the line "he is known as the Great Cackler - related to the Cosmic Egg" :
the word being NGNG UR,


the goddess who laid the sun-egg : the Plexus, but should be "the goddess who IS the plexus", and the word we look for, is the glyph GA, [from the GAI flower-pool in the text].


^^^^  that is the CORE,  the sun-egg itself ; but note that it uses the i-vowel: "the flowers/of the most-beautified-soul-Adam"! to show you, that the vowels are [like with inversion], interchangeable, also GÁ and GU is "cypress",


- but here, GU is "the scented flowers of the Word " , - the word for the North -  
the second glyph, "the scented flowers of the Word to réap" [maa-glyph] ,
and below that, "the scented flowers of the Word to chánge [for the solarplane] " [UTCHEB-glyph+land] ;
....this tactic shows in the next glyph :
'to block up, to restrain' etc,

- and behold : the B is added, 'solarplane',
and the scented flowers become the cóvering of the solarplane :
you see several GABU ,  the latter with magically-dangerous,
meaning the covering for théir solarplane is NOT FROM them ;
......and the circle is complete : because we are back to Geb, "the earth-jackal-god" ,



3] transformations of GA is virtually Impossible to show you here all the related contexts,
let alone their morphing into other clusters ;
what they dó, is build a complete legal Construct, with interconnected and linked aspects ;



- obviously, in the above, you noticed already a certain "popstar" ,
but do please notice that the "singing"described, has little to do with "some pérson singing",
but the Word [of the flower itsélf]  'sings' , humming,



3] t'eGA [connected with underworld, T'] also: the ogling, looking, is not "an action", but refers to the "clarity of the original word of Eden", the flowergarden emitted [sic]  but when the T'[d] of Tuat is added, the GA is still there - as it's meaning :





yet in this cluster, Tuat,
that same scented flowers change their nature - as "seeds for the Tuat -
because they are now being "plated over by metal"  - read : chakra-energies.



4] uGA [connected with Word, U]

...note the "devouring the GAI" ,
as well as "staff, sceptre, part of a boat" :
when it writes any "name of a festival" it is always a point of théir victory :
like the UAG-festival , 'the imprisoning of God's word',
or H'EB-festival, " of completion of the solarplane [after Eden]",  etc;
this is "the festival of grasping the plexus/flowergarden" ;
.... the 8 pegs relate to the overlay of their Torus over the hebrew-H-Cube realm ;



5] ãGA [connected with willpower, Ã]

you will see at top the 'claw, talon', compare the GAT three paragraphs before ;
also the 'pegs' and bolts are here again ,
...and the 'shrub and unguent' are the same as GAI --- just now under Their willpower ;



6] peGA [connected with root, P]

....the difficulty with pega, is that it is both "to embrace" [the double-arm-glyph] ,
as "to lay open, to spread out"...!
- because of the náture of the captured plexus, it needs to be embraced :
but at the same time [first to be transformed] then to spread out ;

note the last glyph [with the fish] , ÁNTT, "ravine, abyss" [yes that one] ,
lit.:  "the abyss / for existence (matrix) / to embrace / the flowergarden / of the root [eden] " ,

Pegasus was a winged horse created by the sea god Poseidon and the Gorgon Medusa. Poseiden is ofcourse "the abyss ÁNTT [and his trident the 4 horns ÃB] , while medusa is the anunnaface north ;
 Hesiod presents a folk etymology of the name Pegasus as derived from πηγή pēgē "spring, well",
it is not hard to see that pegasus is thé archetype of the horses in Rev. 7 and 9 ;



C]   solar plexus , Eve, and BIRTHSCEPTRE

.... the "treasure beneath the sphinx' paws"  is nothing else, as an above so below representation of a réal truth - that of the solar plexus as Female attribute, in the Centre of the pillar ;


and it may even be the place of the birthsceptre, AMES,


- several CT and BD contain the line "that first they have to go South for the sceptre",
[we will add those quotes here as soon we located them again]  ,
and though to us, a concept of "birthsceptre" may sound strange,
the original line being found in Gen.49,

"... not ־ - יָסוּר isur he-shall-withdraw שֵׁ בֶ ט shbt/ scepter מִ יהוּדָ ה m·ieude/ from·Judah וּמְ חֹ קֵ ק u·mchqq/ and·statute-maker's-staff מִ בֵּ ין m·bin/ from·between. 10 רַ גְ לָ יו rgli·u/ feet-of·him עַ ד od until כִּ י ki that ־ - יָב ֹא iba he-shall-come K שִׁ י4ה shile Shiloh Q שִׁ יל) shilu Shiloh וְ ל) u·l·u and·to·him יִ קְּ הַ ת iqeth expectation-of עַ מִּ ים omim peoples...."
The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him [shall] the gathering of the people [be]

first, observing the text,
Judah is called "a lion", corresponding with the H'AT-forepart, as discussed above ;
indicating that he is the represent of that Attribute ;

...then that first sceptre : SHBT,
there is a word, hebrew, shābhūʽōth, plural of shābhūaʽ week,
usually connected to "the feast of 7 weeks", starting passover,
here, the above glyph is SH-pool + solarplane B,
the cluster SHEB or SHAB solemly meaning "mixture" [between those two] ,

a range of SHEB is "food, food offerings" , that is common for "stolen aspects" ,
you see they are related to 'throat' [pillar] , 'incense' , 'to calculate times and seasons',
'exchange, changes',


2]  context,

...all the time, there was the relation of plexus and feet/legs ;
it is very well possible, that the text implies to state :
"whatever happens : the rulership over the original flowergarden remáins by Adamite: whatever mixture occurred" ;
- we think that is a solid assumption, considered all context, before ;
but this is álso the reason, why the 12 main attributes [the 12 tribes of the 144,000],
are under so much oppression --- evenmore, why the lion Sekhmet [revelation 5] is the enemy of especially Judah,
since we saw he is given the attribute 'lion', as well ;
the attribute is under constant attack - because théy cannot afford to Lose their main source of vampiring-upon...

- then a strange 'post' is mentioned ;
one, which keeps alive the entire ãnkh-torus ;
since the word is "throat" [pillar] related to "food offerings" [stolen aspects] , used to "can birth" ,
root of 'birth' is MES, Ursa Major - north -
[a son of Horus, MES-tá : to birth / by the captured Adam's staff of rule,TÁ],
we can make the link to the word itself,


3] the statute-maker's staff MCHQQ,

חַ וָּה Chue/ Eve

.....the G, "throne", from GAI, scented-flower-pool, may be a "soft-G" from hebrew Chue, Eve ,
and that *may very well be*  the CH in mchqq ;
- the glyph derivation may be the TCH, 'serpent' [perhaps some legal related derivation...?] ,
in glyphs,
the word MCHQQ has the most similarity with MSQT and MTCH,

the context of "unguent" fits our theme ;
in fact so does the next one : "[the deep place of] the dimension / imprisoned / by the serpent [alike adam]"  ,
and even "the dimension / of the wórd / imprisoned / by the serpent [alike adam]" , we may expect this glyph is about the same theme ;

and since that strange word 'statute' -  

...the glyph would read here " [the deep place] of the liturgy,decree of order / of the sérpent [alike adam]",
but inserted is another notion, "the fire-drill"  ;
this fire-drill is over and over repeated as "the Tool of invading hebrew-H in the North" ;
with WORDS : cause thát is what the scented-flower-pool provides,
but now, as that imprisoned deep place, re-arranged words ; stólen words ;
...this may account for "the statute" , in Eve's order CH, but now in serpent's order TCH ;  

b] the QQ of mchqq,

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