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PT 285

PT 285 PT 285 426d] place-T-e of hail. [for] the torso. [through] the double-place-T of saturn-wick-H’ of totality (auah’tt. [in order for] the wórd of totality (au-u). [as] the dimension., of [=by]. the lionmouth., [using] the prisoner (su,Cain). [to get?] the ultimate word-inside (eden,nu x3). [for] the solarplane (b). [of] hail.; [by means of] hail-e (á). to connect to. saturn-wick-H’ (h’). [for] hail (á).; 426c] the hail (á). [for] the solarplane (b). [as] the torso (á+b)., [through] the doubled-place-T of […]