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PT 565

1428e] Osiris’. willpower of Saturn (h’enã). [is] this. tongue (ns). birthed. [by] Nut. [for] existence. [as] beautified-soul (canaanite-spirit). + 1428d] [for] N. his. existence. [of] knowledge. – [which] the first. his. mother (Eve?). [of] N. knows. nót.; (see note) 1428c] The gods. [on] this. day (Hru). [of] this. N.’s. birth. of. +  (next line) 1428b] his. willpower. [for] Sirius’ (sept’t). existence. to bath in (áã)., +  (sirius is feminine) 1428a] [by] the morning-star of Great Speech (t’ua-ur, Adam). [for] the existence. […]