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CT 583 VI 199

p] to stand upright. o] he (the). existence (matrix). [but] to die (mená). nót.;[by] the adamite soul. [is] the sight (maa). n] [of] beauty., [by] the one (tu). place. [of] the descended hebrew-H [cube] (Ha+walk). of [=by]. m] the divine SBA star. l] (to encircle,restored?). of [=for]. hebrew-H to descend [to north!]., [in order for] this. N's. existence. to make. k] the son to make stable (smen). of [=for]. this. N. existence. [as] the son of sight (t'egg,from hand to […]

CT 618

VI 234 – difficult but many useful concepts j] \\ the light [eden's]. [to] darkness (glyph). [of] the word. of [=by]. his. head [eden's executive place,T']. to make to destroy the watercourse [eden's] (sua). [for] the [detour] divine watercourse [eden's]. [for] existence (matrix).;i] [by?] the prisoner (su,cain). [for] my. existence., [for] me. to become new (un)., [and by] me. the thing of the watercourse. of [=for]. me. to find (gem).;h] Osiris. my. divine father. [for] my. existence., [by] existence (eden's). […]