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PT 263

——- DRAFT —- 341c] the Tuat. his. one. connected to. birth. – Sirius (sept't). his. secondary (senu).; 341b] the sky of earth. [by] existence. [of] the eastern. side. [of] speech. [by] this. N's. divine firedrill-boat (tcha aáu).; (see note) 341a] The house of the horizon (áakhet). [of] existence. it's. eastern. side. [of] speech. this. N.'s. firedrill-boat.; (see note) 340d] The Kha-lake (south, see diagram). [for] existence (matrix). [is/and?] the pool (sh?, see note). of. N.'s. firedrill-boat.; 340c] The field of reeds (saturn's […]