PT 576

PT 576 PT 576 1519] the physical garment-body to make to connect to [eve] (seth+). the word. [of] (sexual) sweetness (netchem). the head (main sweetness)., [in order for] he (word). to become the willpower. [of] speech of hail (ár). [for] this. N.; to become by the design (sesh+). [of] the hand [eden’s] (executive place). + […]

PT 575

PT 575 PT 575 1499] thou. word. [of] speech and nature (kher, matrix). of [=by] (means of). the words to come. [as] the essence to make existence of hail (via ad.soul) (s-án+). [through] thou. the things to bring (án,mult.). of [=by]. place-T of existence to bring (án-t). [of] hail.; 1498c] [from?] the sky of earth […]