the solarplane completion in order to plough the land south by it

PT 560

PT 560 PT 560 1395b] [by] the son (-constructs). [for] the completion of the solarplane (h’eb)., [as] existence. [by] he. \\(eden) willpower. the head (main-willpower). [of] the Ka spirit-double., [and as?] existence. [by] he. place-T of the branch [for kh-house]. of [=for]. the word of hail.; 1395a] Osiris (as construct). [by] thou. son (-construct). [for] speech of hail (ár). thou. the mouth. ‘to make to open’ (áun)., [through, as?] Geb (earth-god, upon tiles). the djed-pillar to recite (note).; 1394c] [by […]