the Mafdet-lynx the place-T of the hand of he to go reap

PT 390

PT 390 PT 390 686c] to make the solarplane for existence (via ad.soul, sben). [through] the serpent of the word of willpower for existence (nãu+)., [by] (the eden dome) to sleep (stcher+). [in order for] the serpent to make the word of hail (via ad.soul, s-áu+)., + 686b] [as] thou. light (matrix). [..4 lost..]., thou spittle-essence for the intestine of existence (of solarplane?). [of] vulture-rule (a). [through] the son-construct. [of] hail., 686a] [and so] thou. [an-] face (north). [of] speech. […]