solarplane now revolving around new created place-T of turquoise

PT 559

PT 559 PT 559 1393b] the realm-garments (menkh?). [by] the word. [of] the (?). [for] the [an-] face. [of] thou. existence., [by] he (eden). to give. [to] Osiris (as construct). [namely] the lights for turquoise (fqa+).; 1393a] [by means of] the mountain. place-T to slaughter and transfer [for solarplane] (khbt+). [for?] the rim [at new root] (spt+)., [and so by?] thou. the willpower (eden’s). [for] Horus’. west(ern). foremost (kh-house). to grasp [by bordersky] (ntchr).; 1392c] [and instead,] the peace [of […]