sekhet h'etep as island of offerings for staff-tá to fill the torso

PT 518

PT 518 PT 518 1200c] the island of offerings (skht h’tp+). [being] the innermost sacred place., of [=as]. + 1200b] (the pools?) to bathe in [eden willpower of hail] (áã+). [for] the willpower (matrix). of [=for]. he. to drink [by to make great speech] (via ad.soul) (s-ur+)., 1200a] [and as] the fields. of [=for]. N. to feed-upon., [through] existence to make [as concept] (via ad.soul). to give.; 1199c] [and by being] within., [through] the adamite soul. [for] thou. existence. to […]