matrix existence through the prisoner Cain

PT 542

PT 542 PT 542 1336b] he. existence. [by means of] the prisoner (su, Cain). [for] he. the willpower. [of] existence., [through] place-T of hail. [of] the word-inside for hail (ánu,õn). [for] thou. sight (maa).; [by] to hurry (to come the adamite soul). hail. [to?] the perch-region of Thoth. + 1336a] [as] place-T of hail. [for] all [of]. the word to make (by) the serpent-hand (via ad.soul) setch-u, sic). within (eden)., [for] thou. solarplane by place-T (teb-tile). [by] the plasma-construct (kha-lotus). […]