djed pillar, cherub\\wheels and eden-aether

PT 404

PT 404 PT 404 702d] thou. willpower of Saturn (h’enã). [for N]. to flourish (uatch)., 702c] [through] the flames of the word the doubled-kh-house for the solarplane (dualism?, bkhkhu+). [of] place-T of adam-within., [as?] thou. eye. [at?] the top of the papyrus-stem by the adamite soul for hail (ás+). [of?] the tongue (nes). of [=for]. [this N]. to flourish.; 702b] [and so?] the light (matrix). [by] the main-place-T (tep-t). [as] place-T of eden-aether [redness] (t’esher-t). [for?] the staff-tá., [as?] place-T […]