CT 113 - the lawgiver at the new-hand where Adam is in

CT 113

CT 113 II 131 c] the things by the torso. to make (ár)., [yet as] he. existence (eden’s). willpower. [of] speech. nót.; b] [but instead, by] the divine Set-dog tile. existence., [through] the gardens (h’sepu+). existence (eden’s). he. to guide.; a] [by means of] to divinely complete (T’em, new-hand). the willpower. [through] to become place-T to make the M-realm., [by] he. (to become) the tooth [by new-hand] (t’bh’+). [as,for?] this. my. torso., [at] the doubled-place-T of the dimensional foreground (h’att) […]