by the staff-tá the speech of hebrew-cube-H as thóu word of willpower by main place-T

PT 391

PT 391 PT 391 687d] [by] the staff-tá. the speech. [of] hebrew-cube-H (H)., [as] thóu. word. [of] willpower. [by] main place-T (tep-t)., [namely through] place-T of anóther (k-it, note). [as] the house. [of] place-T of adam-within.; [by] place-T cool-down [the q-axis] (qebh’-t). [as] thou. opened place-T of eden’s root (up-t+scroll). [for] the word of hail.; 687c] [and so for N]. the hail by imprisoned cube-H (neHá)., [for N]. [as] the hail. [by] the cord to make to copy (via ad.soul) […]