IMPORTANT NOTICE [include file]

IMPORTANT NOTICE 9 days our deadline expires,
leading up to the 22 days after that date –
the festival of Trumpets until the last day of Booths.

-both themes,
the theme of the Gates, and the theme of their creation of Cain whom they use as chisel to
can keep vampiring upon the adamite originals imprisoned in the eastern sky
take all our attention, in dozens of spells,
so please keep an eye on the BD and CT introduction pages,
together with their concept and drawings;
in the coming days we try to upload all the finds;

please understand that the material is most extended, and that
because of the timepressure, we need to find the the above themes first,
which are buried in the texts,
befóre we can work out in smoother sentences the already pósted BD and CT;

…this is also a thanks to many of you —
several things started to progress quickly, the past two weeks,
we do sense that you are helping – by understanding.;
it is like unlocking a giant Puzzle.

Please read these links: