cube and ankh torus

please click to view full size “this time, halloween happens to coincide with the first day of booths; to show you, that others know tóo what is going on – and are concerned about the implosion of their Torus, they need the energy of millions of people, in order to keep this présent reality alive;  hence they let millions to actively participate in a ritual, masked as “fun”, … if you look at all the geometric symbols, you will immediately […]

the Core of the ãnkh-torus construct: stolen from Eve

peace. of [=by]. manifestation (pert). [is] the peace (h’etep, saturn). of [=by]. invading hebrew-H (North). of [=by]. the Western (ámentt). [word] inside. the SBA-stargates [of the Cube]., [as?] the dead body (khat). [by?] the Ba-soul (solarplanetype spirit). the one (tu). to catch and imprison (khenrá, foremost-adam+harem). existence. nót.; 9] the Ka-spirit double. the beloved [eden’s] speech] (meRRt). [to become] a thing made (ári,’from m-b-soul’). of [=for?by]. sekhem-power., [as?] the two legs [KH and SH lake,south] (ret’). [by] sekhem-power’s. word.\\ of […]